The Exhale CO2 Bag


Previs Concept Illustration

Water Works Hydroponics

Magical Stories

The Green Hornet


Sketchy isnt so bad

Fairytale Magic

The idea here was to have a man delivering an Exhale CO2 bag to a plant store and the plants literally leaning toward the bag. This creates a magical moment and a pleasant feeling all around. This has become the flagship illustration for this product and has been used in banners, ads, and other marketing materials.

This is a personal painting with a fun story. The earth has sustained massive change, the human race has gone extinct, rats and other animals have evolved to near human proportions. The figure shown is a drifter hiking the rail-road through the desert as he stumbles upon some sweet sweet gold.

A unique idea for a story and character abilities, this image was conceived of in reference to already existing concept art. This image was used to pitch the show to studios in hopes of becoming a show in production.

Water Works Hydroponics wanted to give something special to their clients during the Holidays. We came up with this scene of a reindeer finding a glowing barn in the middle of the snowy forest. Its a pleasant scene and a scene which feels a bit magical, maybe Santa's got hobbies on the side...

I wanted to paint something that really had a lot to offer. My favourite thing to do is work on characters and develop them and this was a chance for me to do that but also stretch to working on interesting and dynamic backgrounds. I hope I achieved some level of quality!

I do a lot of work creating labels and production artwork, the Green Hornet was a small project at first but after I created a very strong vector illustration of a green hornet it became an entire brand. It seemed a shame to use it on one inexpensive small bulb. Now there is a line of green LED based products which you can find at

I created a game quite a while ago which I called Wiseguys. It was to be an old school gangster first person shooter game, something which I felt had not been done yet. It did not come to fruition but we did produce a number of usable elements, just not enough to justify a release. From it, I create a few illustrations work keeping around.

For a long time I have struggled to be more sketchy in my painting. I find that my technique tends to be methodical and chaos is employed when possible. This was an attempt to paint a landscape, not only from a perspective I dont normally work from, but also to paint it without needing to refine every detail.

One thing I rarely do is create fairytale moments in my art and I really wanted to make something secial out of a drawing I made of this girl underwater. It was a painting that I worked on for some time but finally developed it into something sweet.

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